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Almost all MMA events depend on the fighters to sell tickets to their friends and family. In return the fighter gets a fee for each ticket sold. We all know how that works, some fighters sell all of their tickets and some return all of their seats the night of the fight. Wouldn't it be nice to know how many tickets each fighter sold ahead of time and they didn't come back with 50 empty seats? By using our online system you will be able to watch all of this in real time. The other downfall to having fighters sell tickets is that they hold on to your money until the last minute. Lets face it, fighters want to fight, not run around and chase people down for tickets and money. Wouldn't it be great to have the cash in your bank account as soon as the sales are made? This gives you better cash flow to cover your expenses and not have to worry about the fighter disappearing with your cash!

So how do I get started? Simple! Create a promoter account, log in and fill out the event wizard. It will walk you through each step. After the event is set up, you drop in your fight card and you are all set! Your fighters will be able to facebook, email, etc their friends / family to purchase tickets from their profile. When they sell a ticket it automatically shows up in your sales report. We can also email or text message you every time a sale happens.

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