Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I bought a ticket, and now I need to print it: how do I do that?

    Please click or tap here to use our ticket lookup feature so you can find and print your ticket.

  2. How will I receive my ticket?

    Your ticket will be waiting for you at the will call box at the event and you can pick it up 1 hour before the show starts the day of the show.

  3. I did not get my ticket emailed to me what should I do?

    We do not email tickets out. Your name has been sent to the promoter and they will have your ticket waiting for you at the will call box the day of the show. Just bring your ID.

  4. A friend of mine is fighting how can I make sure he gets credit for me buying my ticket?

    If you bought your ticket by clicking on your friends url they will automatically get credit for the sale.

  5. How can I contact the promoter for more information about the upcoming event?

    The promoters contact information is located on their individual event page. Go to and click on the event you are going to. All the information is located there.

  6. I have an event coming up and want you guys to help me sell more tickets.

    We would love to. Click the "Sell Tickets" button above and register as a promoter. You can set up your event after you join our site. We will then have a ticket sales specialist contact you to make sure we help you sell the maximum amount of tickets.

  7. What do you guys charge me per ticket when they sell?

    We actually don't charge you anything. We add a $4 fee to the ticket as they are purchased. If you are charging $40 per ticket we add $4 to it making it $44. You keep the $40 and we then bill you after your event is over for the fees we charged.

  8. If I used you guys to sell my tickets when will I be paid?

    The beauty of our system is we deposit the funds into your account as the sales happen. We actually never touch the money just provide the credit card processing for you and also track which fighters sold the tickets for you.

  9. How do you keep track of the fighter ticket sales?

    We track the fighter ticket sales through unique url's. We give each fighter their own unique url. They can then send this to friends and family through social media channels as well as email. Any person that clicks the individual fighters unique url and buys a ticket that fighter will get credit for the sale.

  10. What else will you do for me to help me sell tickets?

    We contact your fighters individually via phone and email to educate them on how to sell more tickets online. Through the channels we use we help ensure that they sell the maximum amount of tickets. We also answer any questions they have throughout the entire process. On top of that we will contact people in our database that are close in proximity to your show.